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Mettā Fellowship

Transform Tomorrow, Today!
Mettā is a Buddhist term , meaning benevolence, friendliness, amity, friendship, goodwill, kindness, close mental union, and active interest in others.

The NASSCOM Foundation Head Held High Mettā Fellowship offers a great opportunity for the corporate employees to be community conscious, widen their cross-sectoral strengths and functions, and impact beyond business and bring about systemic and sustainable social change. In the process, the NGOs receive technical and managerial expertise for creating efficient processes helping them achieve scale and increase the impact of their good work.

The programme will provide an opportunity to leading corporates to come true to their commitment towards creating a better society by loaning their best employees to help Not-for-Profits achieve their goals.

The Mettā Fellows will be dynamic and committed individuals, with their core competencies being channelized for social transformation. The programme promises to enhance academic, grassroots and managerial experience for corporate employees, and widen their cross-sectoral strengths and functions.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, the Knowledge Partner for the programme, has curated a special curriculum and will conduct a week long community consciousness orientation programme for all the Mettā Fellows.

Fellowship for the Experienced

Niche fellowship for people with significant years of work experience to build their leadership and project management skills in grass root organizations.



Intensive eleven month long fellowship programme for dynamic and committed individuals.  After successful completion of the fellowship, the fellows will be felicitated with the title of ‘Social Leaders Par Excellence’ .

Holistic Learning

The fellowship module consists of academic, grass root and managerial experience for corporate employees. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences has curated a special a week long community consciousness orientation programme for the Mettā Fellows.

Cross Sectoral Experience

The programme intends to widen the onboarded fellows’ cross-sectoral strengths and functions, and impact beyond business.


Do You Have it in You

Who Can Be a Mettā Fellow?

  • Nurture Passion for Impact

    Curious and passionate individual who wants to contribute to society and learn at the same time

  • Work Experience

    Holding work experience of at least five years in similar workstream/domain. Eg: Network engineer for setting up NGO’s LAN

  • Time Commitment

    Willing to make a commitment for 11 months of new learnings, skill enhancements and usage of the skills to create a better world.

  • Willing to Learn / Unlearn

    Experienced individuals willing to unlearn some skills and learn new skills to make them better leaders, managers and in essence better individuals.

What Do You Get

Perks of Being A Mettā Fellow

Mettā Fellowship Application Form



What is the Metta Fellowship?

NASSCOM Foundation, in association with Head Held High Foundation, introduces an intensive eleven month long fellowship programme for dynamic and committed individuals, channelizing their core competencies for a greater kind of social transformation. The fellowship module consists of academic, grass root and managerial experience for corporate employees, to widen their cross-sectoral strengths and functions, and impact beyond business.

What exactly happens during the Fellowship?

During the eleven months of the Fellowship, the fellows are assigned to partnering NGOs for the whole duration. Prior to this, the fellows undergo a training and orientation programme in TISS, Mumbai and immersion session in their respective assigned NGOs. Primary responsibility of handholding the Not-For-Profits for better functioning, process development and capacity building. The fellowship will conclude with an assessment workshop, in TISS, Mumbai, followed by feedback reporting and certification.

What do fellows exactly do in NGOs?

The assigned NGOs, are plagued with issues of data mismanagement, lack of process, technological obscurity and so on. The onboarded fellows, coming from IT-BPM companies with their years of experience in IT, strategy, process management and communication expertise, will support in the capacity building and efficiency of the organizations. They will offer incremental changes to the social ecosystem, procuring their skill sets, and help in making the NGOs process ready and self-sustaining.

How will the fellows benefit from the Fellowship program?

The fellowship programme will offer corporate leaders and managers in developing cross-sectoral experience and hone their social leadership abilities. The programme will be an intensive experience of people management, problem solving, mobilising for a cause and strategizing on unfaced challenges. The affiliation to a leading social science institution, will elevate the platform to a holistic learning experience, i.e. a 10 month long on-site assignment, beyond one’s comfort zone, backed by academic learnings.

What do Fellows do after eleven months?

Post the fellowship programme, the fellows will be experienced in problem solving in the social sector, giving them the fluidity in careers. Moreover, the professional strengths gained and scaled, would enable them to be more productive in their previous roles, thus making them great assets to their previous organizations. The immersed fellows will become champions of social cause in their associated organizations, and mentor the next batch of interested employees to take up social externships  and transform into changemakers.

Why was this Fellowship program created?

Lack of direction and process management, have been plaguing the not-for-profit organizations of the country, thereby limiting their impactability. Inability to afford skilled expertise in their organizations which is run in a shoestring budget, deprives the NGOs from transformational human resources. NASSCOM Foundation, being at the forefront of channelizing IT sector’s strengths to social resource, collaborated with Head Held High Foundations, champions of grass root impact, in connecting the dots for greater social impact. The fellowship will be a great opportunity for corporate workforce in building on their leadership, managerial skills to bring about effective social transformation, and NGOs would receive great technical and managerial expertise for seamless delivery of services. The symbiotic affair will lead to disruptive changes in the communities of the value chain.

Who is behind this Fellowship program?

NASSCOM Foundation in collaboration with Head Held High Foundation, are the conceptual and executional agency of the programme. Support will be received form the network of NGO partners both the organizations have created since their inception. The knowledge partner to the initiative is TISS, Mumbai, to offer academic direction to the programme. The programme also has principle support form a spate of NASSCOM member companies, who are convinced of the need for an externship like this for their employees for an experience in the social sector.

Is there only an eleven month long fellowship?

While the full time fellowship programme for corporate resources, is for eleven months, employees can associate with the programme for a shorter span of time (three months/six months), depending on their professional feasibility. Certificates will be however be applicable  for full time fellows only.

Do Fellows get holidays?

Yes. Fellows will be implanted to NGOs by the programme curators, as Cluster Managers. They will be following work hours and other employee rules of the organizations associated to.

Can anyone leave the Fellowship after one year or be asked to leave mid-way?

There is no bond and one has the freedom to leave. However, Fellowship is a commitment and is meant for those who are serious about creating change. We want serious people who see value in the eleven months and not those who will drop out prematurely due to family pressures, marriage plans, better employment or a university education. The Fellowship has its own assessment and ethical standard system and can ask people to leave who fail to show the rigour and excellence required to cause any social impact.

Do I have location preference in the fellowship?

Our network of NGOs is placed across all major cities, and we will try level best to accommodate people’s location preference before allocation. There would be no remote area residential stationing for the fellows.

How many fellows will be onboarded?

We will start out with 50 fellows from corporate sector, in the beginning. Post the rolling out of the first batch, we will expand the programme to international fellows as well.

Do Fellows receive any type of certificate or acknowledgement for completing the fellowship year?

Yes, they receive a certificate of accomplishment and experience in project management under the programme, affiliated to the academic institution.

How safe is the Fellowship Program for women?

You are in safe hands. The Program Leaders (Mentors in the block) and staff members are sensitized appropriately about Gender security issues. The administration team supports our women fellows in the locations with customized and suitable solutions as and when required.

Who will support travel expenses to the place of orientation?

The assigned NGOs will bear the minimum cost necessary for travel within the fellowship duration.

Do I need to provide a recommendation letter?

Yes, a letter of recommendation from your current organization during the application process, is required.

Is there a requirement for acquaintance with local language?

While it will always be an added advantage, work should be smooth with workable knowledge of Hindi/English.

Is there a monthly stipend for fellowship?

No, this fellowship offers no monetary stipend to selected fellows.

What is the selection process for the fellowship?

  1. Fill in Application Form downloaded from the website
  2. Write an one page Statement of Intent behind joining the fellowship
  3. Submit one letter of recommendation, preferably from your supervisor of the current organization
  4. Submit your resume
  5. Submit the Application Phase I
  6. Screening
  7. Shortlisted for Interviews
  8. Final Selected List of Fellows
  9. Confirm fellowship with following documents signed:
    a. Certificate of Permit from your current organization.
    b. Education qualification certificates.
    c. Employment Letter

What are the documents required for verification before I start the fellowship?

  1. Certificate of Permit from your current organization.
  2. Education qualification certificates.
  3. Employment Letter
  4. Signed Child Protection Commitment
  5. Signed Anti-Sexual Harassment Clause
  6. Subject Matter Expertise/ Certification
  7. Statement of Intent
  8. Letter of Recommendation
  9. Filled in Basic Application Form

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